This guide contains what we think is essential to enjoy what offers our beloved region. But there is more; you will discover asking or searching on other portals.

coc esclafat de Calaceite


The oil is perhaps our flagship product. Its versatility makes it ideal for tasting alone, watered on a slice of bread for dressing salads and cold dishes and also to cook stews, meat and fish; because it does not invade but gently enhances the taste of food.

But the role of the olive is not just in the oil. You must taste the fried black olives, one of our most unique products as well as other types of oil and derivatives, among which we recommend the “water olives” and “olive paté.
Where to buy? Cooperativa San Isidro (Av. Catalunya, 101, Calaceite), Lo Rebost (Pl. España, 18, Calaceite) and other shops.

Grenache is the grape variety that has traditionally starred in wine production in the region of Matarranya. You can attend guided tours and wine tasting in Bodegas Crial (Lledó) and Venta d’Aubert (Cretas). We also recommend wines from Lagar d’Amprius, made in Calaceite.

Where to buy? Lo Rebost (Pl. España, 18, Calaceite), Bodegas Crial (Lledó), Venta d’Aubert (Cretas) and other shops.

The “coc esclafat” or “trena” can not miss on your table.

If you like sweets, taste “secallets”, “amelats”, “panadetes” the “coc amb mel” and Beceite’s nougats.

Where to buy? Agut (Sta. Bárbara, 5, Calaceite), Llerda (Cretas), Lo Rebost (Calaceite).

Along with the olive and grape, almond is one of the traditional engines of the local economy. In addition to its presence in many recipes, especially sweets, it is also a delicatessen salty fried, boiled or directly from the tree.
Where to buy? Cooperativa San Isidro (Av. Catalunya, 101, Calaceite), Lo Rebost (Pl. España, 18, Calaceite) and other shops.

Where to eat? 
In Calaceite, our recommendation is the Fonda Alcalà. Good menu daily menu (weekdays and weekends) and excellent treatment. It also has a takeaway menu (which we provide to our customers). Of course, you must call ahead for a table reservation as to order takeaway meal.

If what you want is to eat where, when and how you want, you can order food at chef Fatto in Casa.

Els Ports


The Matarranya is noted for its biodiversity, which is greatly favored by the combination of mountains, fields, Mediterranean forest, climates and landscapes; from which you can enjoy on foot, mountain-bike or on horseback through trails of varying difficulty. But if what you want is to take a walk without grab the car, from our houses you can go to the hermitage of San Cristobal and the iberian settlement of San Antonio to enjoy spectacular 360 ° views. If what you want is a slightly longer walk, go to the chapel of Santa Ana.  See map of the path to Santa Ana.

And if you’ve still left wanting more exercise, you can walk towards Cretas through the Calapatà ravine. See route map.

In the region you can also go wildlife watching activities. We recommend arranging a guide with zoologist Pablo Jodra, a passionate and erudite on the world of birds.

The stone is the element that connects nature with the villages. Let yourself go aimlessly through the alleys of the old cores of Calaceite, Valderrobres, La Fresneda, etc.

Poblado íbero de San Antonio, Calaceite


In the Matarranya we have our own dinosaur, the Tastavionasurius; whose name wants to recognize where its fossilized remains were found; the town of Peñarroya de Tastavins. In what was built Inhospitak, a branch of Dinopolis theme park, s fun way to spread the importance of this discovery. A highly recommended place to visit with children aged from 3 or 4 years.

A few million years later, the Iberian civilization populated the region. There are several villages to visit. But we recommend to begin being introduced in that episode of history at the Museum Juan Cabre (C / Joan Cabré, 7, Calaceite).

And getting closer to our days, in the neighboring Catalan region of Terra Alta, there’s the Centre d’Estudis de la Batalla de l’Ebre, and various activities for those interested in the Battle of the Ebro of the Spanish civil War of 1936-1939. Corbera d’Ebre (in the ruins of the old town, scene of the contest) hosts biennial exhibitions devoted to peace and human rights.

La Pesquera, Beceite


Some of the less polluted rivers in the Mediterranean are in the region of Matarranya. The Matarranya river and Algars, with its tributaries, create natural pools as La Pesquera (Beceite), the Toll del Vidre (Lledó), the Salt of The Portellada (The Portellada), l’Assud del Molí Nou (Calaceite) and many others with more or less difficult access.

Calaceite also have municipal swimming pool.


Hoguera de Sant Antoni


Water, punch, the “bous de foc” (gadgets bull shaped throwing pyrotechnics while being carried by a person from one to another side of the historic center of the town) and music are the main attractions of the Calaceite festival “Fiesta Mayor” (14-18 August).

In winter (around January 16) it takes place, as in many towns in the region and the neighboring regions, the Christian adaptation of the celebration of the winter solstice: The festival of Sant Antoni. Bonfires, pork, “devils” and spirit drinks configure one of the most interesting traditions of the region.

Easter Week is influenced by the Ruta del Tambor y el Bombo, approaching the Matarranya by contagion from the vicinity of Alcañiz and Calanda. In neighboring Valderrobres you can enjoy a “rompida de la hora” more uncongested than that from the town that gave birth to the famous cinema director Buñuel.


Vacabulario local, de Calaceite y comarca


In Calaceite, as in the whole region, the native language is a mixture of several dialects of Western Catalan with words of each locality and other adapted from the Spanish.

So to you get familiarized with our linguistic peculiarity we propose you a game: Are you able to link the words in each column sharing the same meaning?


Información básica y teléfonos de interés


Telephone numbers:

Management Rural Matarranya – 629716221
Emergency (generic) – 112
Health Center – 978851525
Hospital de Alcañiz – 978300100
Civil Guard – 978857001
Fire Calaceite – 978851382
Pharmacy Calaceite – 978851873
Tourist Office – 978890886
Swimming pool – 978851314
Library – 978851215
Museum Juan Cabré – 978851000

Information for users of our apartments:

The check-int will be from 14:00 h.
The check-out will be until 12:00 h.
(Ask for terms of flexibility if needed).

Reduce power consumption by taking advantage of natural light whenever possible, using the wood stove if it’s cold and not up the electric heating to more than 21º.

Control water consumption.

Use the appropriate bins for different types of garbage generated.

Avoid making excessive noise.